Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies

Michael Jackson Dies - Images by Branimir Kvartuc

This is my coverage for the European Pressphoto Agence (EPA) of the death of Michael Jackson

Friday, June 12, 2009

Stripped. Bare. Branimir Kvartuc and his iPhone gallery show

This slide show is a digital representation of: Stripped. Bare. Branimir Kvartuc and his iPhone, a gallery show that debuted during Art Walk in downtown Los Angeles at the Historic Gas Company Lofts at 810 S. Flower St.

Branimir Kvartuc is a Los Angeles based photographer whose pictures have landed in such publications at the New York Times, Time Magazine and every other major publication in the world. He is also the founder of, a social network for the surf culture, owner of Bella Moda Photography and photographer for the Associated Press and Croatia's Jutarnji List and Slobodna Dalmacija newspapers.

As a professional photographer, Branimir Kvartuc had the best equipment and access to be in the right position to tell a story.

With this show, he has Stripped his resources Bare. No Credentials. No Assignment. No professional camera. Kvartuc, armed with only an iPhone camera, managed to capture landscapes, worm his way into closed-to-the-public events and delve deeply into the emotions of individuals.

Take away the large camera that shoots 12 frames per second and a tie to familiar news outlet and you are left with a photographer attempting to record a poignant moment on a two megapixel cell phone camera that takes one photo every 12 seconds.

"As a professional, I usually have a credential hanging from my neck and large, somewahat intimidating cameras and lenses. It becomes very easy for the person behind the camera to feel a certain authority, a comfort level with invading someone's personal space by pointing a camera at them." said Kvartuc

For the "Stripped. Bare." show, Kvartuc was now the one who was inimidated. He often had to ask for permission to get close enough to capture something valuable. That meant he had to start a conversation, he had to earn their trust so he could get a disarming, authentic still.

Above are nearly 100 photos taken over the past six months which are in the show.

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